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albia (CONT’D)                  allison                       ames               CARRIE CHAPMAN CATT CENTER
                                                                                                  FOR WOMEN AND POLITICS
           23 Benton Ave. E             319-267-2858                 CULTURAL DISTRICT            515-294-3181
           Downtown Square             304 Main St.                 Building open 8-5 Mon-Fri,
           641-932-2144 or 641-932-5108   See over 50 traditional quilt patterns   515-233-3472 /  Plaza of Heroines is outside
           Mon-Fri 9-3, Sat 9-12        painted on barns and farm buildings   More than 50 locally owned, specialty retail   and accessible all hours
           A beautifully restored building    throughout the county.  Enjoy a self-  shops and restaurants. Events include Farmers’   A tribute to Carrie Chapman Catt, an ISU
           featuring original teller cage, outdoor   guided driving tour on hard surface roads   Market, ArtWalk, Firefly Country Nights,   graduate who led the women’s suffrage
           terrace, antiques, paintings, and other   with a free map available on the web, or   4th of July Parade and Festival, MusicWalk,   movement to passage of the 19th
                                        call Butler County Development Corp. to                   amendment. Exhibits related to suffrage
           artwork. Visitors welcome.                                Oktoberfest and Snow Magic.
                                        receive a map by mail.                                    movement, along with some of Catt’s
           HISTORIC TOWN SQUARE                                      AMES/ISU ICE ARENA           personal belongings. “Plaza of Heroines”
           Downtown, outdoors           HIGHWAY 3 RACEWAY            1507 Gateway Hills Park Dr   features nearly 3,000 bricks honoring

           641-932-5108                 108 North Main               515-292-6835 /  women.
           Albia’s 92-building business district, three-  Butler County Fairgrounds   A facility operated jointly by both the City of   CHRISTIAN PETERSEN
           story stone courthouse, and historic homes   319-267-2858   Ames and Iowa State University, the ice arena   ART MUSEUM
           represent a living architectural museum.   1/2 mile semi-banked dirt track. Hosts   hosts public skating, skating lessons, hockey
           Merchants and home builders in the late   events such as Stock Car, Figure 8 and   games and special events.    Morrill Hall, Iowa State University
           1800s and early 1900s selected Victorian,   other motor sport races throughout the   The facility is  located south of the ISU    515-294-3342 /
           Italianate, Gothic, Tudor, and other   summer. The grandstand has a seating            Mon-Fri 11-4, except for University holidays
                                                                     Towers on Mortensen Road.
                                        capacity of nearly 3,500 spectators.                      & breaks.
           distinctive building styles.                                                           The museum was named for the nation’s
           THE ROBERT T. BATES APARTMENT  LITTLE YELLOW SCHOOLHOUSE  ART ON CAMPUS                first permanent artist-in-residence, who
                                                                     290 Scheman - University Museums
           1 1/2 Benton Ave. W          428 6th St - Courthouse Square   515-294-3342 / Hours vary   sculpted at Iowa State from 1934-1955.
                                                                                                  Includes two galleries showcasing work by
           641-932-5108                 319-267-2858 /   Self-guided beautiful walking tours of art   Petersen and other contemporary artists.
           Anytime by appt.             By appt. & for special events   on Iowa State University campus. Includes   Special guest exhibits featured throughout
           Robert Bates was an interior designer,   Built in 1888 and completely restored to   sculptures by artist-in-residence (1934   the year.
           member of the Terrace Hill Commission, and   its original condition and furnished like it   to 1955) Christian Petersen. Many items
           chairman of the First Iowa State Bank. Upon   was when it was used as a country school   available for viewing 24 hours a day. Call for   FARM HOUSE MUSEUM
           his death in 1995, he left his beautifully   until 1957. Retired teachers from the   brochure, including map.
           decorated apartment and outstanding   area educate visitors and children on the        Knoll Rd ISU Campus
                                                                                                  515-294-3342 / By appt.
           collection of Victorian antiques and artwork to   experience of getting your education in a   BRUNNIER ART MUSEUM  Nestled among the modern buildings and
                                        country school.
           a foundation.
                                                                     290 Scheman Bldg - ISU       classrooms of ISU’s central campus, this
                     alden                      altoona              515-294-3342 / Tues-Fri 11-4, Sat-Sun 1-4    National Historic Landmark is a fully restored
                                                                                                  home reflecting the period between 1860
                                                                     A nationally accredited decorative and
                                                                     fine arts museum, supplementing major   and 1920. The first building built on ISU
           GRACE O. DOANE ALDEN             ALSO SEE DES MOINES      collections with traveling exhibits and   campus. Special holiday decorations and
           PUBLIC LIBRARY               ALTOONA HISTORICAL SOCIETY   educational events. One of the largest glass   activities.
           1012 Water St.               MUSEUM                       collections, tracing history of glass from
                                                                     antiquity to present. Gift shop features glass,
        104 2nd St. SE / 515-967-4815  jewelry and unique items.
           Mon 1:30-6:30; Tues-Fri 1:30-5:30; Tues   2nd & 4th Sunday of each month
           & Fri 9-11:30; Sat 11-5:30   2:00-4:00 pm
      The building itself housed the original Post
           Smallest town in the U.S. to have a   Office for the area & currently showcases
                                        photos and mementos from local history
           Carnegie Library.
                                        dating as far back as 1868.
                   allerton             VETERAN’S MEMORIAL GARDEN
                                        1st Ave. S.
           INTERNATIONAL CENTER         515-967-5136 or 515-967-3366
           FOR RURAL CULTURE & ART      Open at all times
           1 mile east of town          A war memorial built entirely by local
           641-872-1536 or 641-873-4259   volunteers paying homage to those who
           June-Aug, Thurs-Sun 1-4      have served. Including Korean & Vietnam
           Groups all year by appt.     conflicts Bronze statues of Army, Marines &
           The 93-acre site is home to a fully   Navy divisions of military service. Granite
           restored 1912 round barn, 1887 country   plaques listing names of all Iowans killed
           church, and 1868 country school. A 6-acre   in the line of duty in the Iraq/Afghan war.
           prairie is nearby. Events during the year
           include art, craft, and quilt shows, and

           old-fashioned sing-alongs.

                              did you know?

                          Reiman Gardens is home to the
                         world’s tallest concrete gnome.
                                                                                   reiman gardens - ames
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